Who Gets Asked The Most Questions On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter is a curious place. I’m not sure what came first, the questions from fans or the famous faces to answer them, but Twitter is the perfect venue for some high profile Q&A.

Among the rich and famous on Twitter, who is charged with answering the most questions? The folks at Inboxq set out to get their answers, and the number one most-asked Tweeter might surprise you.

OK, maybe not the number one… it’s Justin Bieber. You could have easily guessed that. The Biebs gets 46 percent of all questions directed to teen idols on Twitter, and 16 percent of all questions directed to actors, actresses, musicians, sports stars… pretty much anyone.

But some of the other members of the “most-asked” club will definitely surprise you.

In the “actors and actresses” category, Charlie Sheen and Stephen Fry are beat out as the most-asked by Ariana Grande, an American actress and singer who stars in the TV show Victorious.

And as far as “techies” go, we apparently can’t get enough of Notch, the creator of the PC game MineCcaft – we send him 45 percent of all questions in the tech category.

There’s plenty more interesting info about who’s who in the Q&A world of Twitter. Check out the infographic below (click to enlarge):

Image courtesy of Robert Adrian Hillman via Shutterstock

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