Who Is the Social Gamer?

New survey defines four archetypes

In-game advertising garnered $1 billion in spending last year in North America; industry analysts expect it to top $7.2 billion by 2016. But before advertisers rush to grab the attention of social gamers, they might want to find out who these players are.

Today RockYou, a game publisher, and Interpret, a research firm, attempt to define the gaming audience with a new survey. The result is four archetypes of the modern day gamer.

There’s Premium Paul, Competitive Charlie, Newbie Nancy, and Devoted Danielle. Watch the accompanying video for details on each.

Beyond typecasting your FarmVille neighbor, RockYou and Interpret drew a few more conclusions about social gamers: They’re open to advertising and they’re okay with viewing in-game ads to earn virtual currency. They’d be more motivated to play a social game with real-world rewards like a coupon or gift card.

In the not-so-surprising category: The majority of gamers surveyed regularly buy snacks and microwaveable meals. The majority does not regularly buy travel or financial services. (Why travel when you can live in a World of Warcraft? Why manage your money when you can spend it on fake Internet money?)

Social gamers, according to RockYou and Interpret, spend an average of 13 hours a week on social networks and an average of 9.5 hours a week on social games. They’ve made an average of 20 new friends through social gaming and they play social games with slightly smaller groups of real-life friends.


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