Who’s That Girl on Glamour’s ‘Hair Flip’ Issue?

Unilever signs up for mane-centric edit section

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Who’s on the cover of Glamour’s February issue? You’ll have to wait until next month to find out. But depending on your celebrity hair knowledge, you may be able to guess the magazine’s cover girl from her picture on the back cover, which shows only the back of her head. (Here are a few hints: She’s famous for her long, brunette tresses, has a passion for nail art, sings and acts, and was married to a dude from an indie band.)

In a first for Glamour, February’s magazine contains a hair-themed issue-within-an-issue with its own cover, table of contents and editorial that begins on the opposite side of the book. The “hair flip” issue—you’ll have to literally flip the magazine over to get to the beginning of the hair content—features Unilever as its exclusive advertiser. Keeping with the theme of the issue, Unilever’s hair brands, including Tressemmé, Suave and Clear, all make appearances.

“Our editors know that our readers love hair, and they were thinking of really exciting ways to deliver new and innovative opportunities,” said evp and publishing director Bill Wackermann. “From an ad perspective, it created an opportunity for all of Unilever’s hair-care brands to live and work together in one section.”

Beauty has been an especially strong advertising category for fashion books over the past year. According to Wackermann, Glamour alone was up 76 pages in beauty for 2012. And thanks to the Unilever integration, the February 2013 issue will be up 11 percent in ad pages year over year.

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