Who’s On The List?

No, we don’t mean the Time 100 list, though everyone’s talking about that one too and there are indeed a number of media people on said list.

But also out today is the Folio 40, the list of “some of the most distinguished magazine and media professionals from every corner” of the industry, Folio says.

Garnering accolades on that list are David Carey, president of Hearst who grew ad pages by 10 percent in 2010 and who is leading the charge to buy Lagardere’s magazines (including Elle).

Lewis DVorkin, formerly of Forbes then of True/Slant and again back at Forbes, who has boosted Web traffic by “double-digits” and who is “leading the construction of a digital metrics-driven framework for Forbes.com that relies on audience engagement to help guide editorial priorities.” Then there’s Atlantic Media owner David Bradley who, Folio says, deserves a lot of the credit for investing in The Atlantic and trusting in it—the strategy worked as the magazine turned its first profit in decades last year.

You know who’s on both lists? Arianna Huffington. Belinda Luscombe, writing for Time, says of Huffington: “One sure sign of influence is that somebody wants to bring you down.” Folio mentions, of course, that whatever the haters say, HuffPo is basically made of money: the site brought in $30 million last year and is on track to bring in $50 million in revenue in 2011.

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