Who’s Your Daddy Offers Newborn’s Dads Useful Advice

Spring is a time for loving and it’s even better if you have a new bundle of joy to hug. It’s not always easy raising children and if it is a first child, you might find yourself in the dark rocking a baby, so why not grab your phone and read up on some advice on how to rock it better? Who’s Your Daddy?

Of course, this app is best if your wife just got pregnant, but if having children is pleasant and beautiful, it’s nice to try again. For husbands, the app offers advice, and everyone often gives them to newlyweds and new fathers. Now, this is an app for more of that but from Keith Walsh, Dai Hovey, and B. Laugs, the app’s maker of baby advice.


The app gives you nine months of humorous and informative tips and peace of mind for the price of a small beer, with useful “there’s a baby coming” coping mechanisms such as:

  • Daily tips: Day 28: Mood Swings. What mood swings?! There are no mood swings. Remember that.
  • Daily tips: Day 249: Ginger ale is great for morning sickness, but only if it has real ginger in it.
  • Weekly tips: “Your baby is 16.4cm (the size of a beer bottle) and 300 grams (the weight of a hammer).
  • A countdown timer, based on the baby’s due date. A timeline with all the key dates that you can add to your iPhone calendar.
  • Contraction counter Hospital bag checklist (and suggestions), to-do-list and potential baby name list.

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