Whose Shoes?

So…whose shoes could these possibly be?
It’s time to play. We’re going to let the game drag out all day until mid-afternoon unless a wealth of people guess correctly and fast. If you have a guess, do not write it in the comment box. Instead, please write us at fishbowldc@mediabistro.com. Don’t ruin the game!

We’ll give you hints here and on Titter — follow us at @fishbowlDC.

#1. He has thick, wavy hair.
#2. He’s generally mild mannered and polite.
#3. He attended Catholic school.
#4. He used to work in TV journalism in Raleigh, N.C.
#5. His wife is a brunette.
#6. His wife had a baby shower yesterday.
#7. He’s an avid golfer and was recently seen at Kenwood Country Club in Bethesda.