Why Brands Like Pabst and GoPro Still Rely on Fans for Marketing, and Probably Always Will

At CES, technology in service of storytelling

Video: Nick Gardner, Breana Mallamaci; Editor: Josh Rios
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As the first day of CES wrapped up and attendees headed out into the cool desert air for industry dinners and parties—or the casino floor to try their luck—Adweek caught up with three senior marketers to discuss how technology is helping create communities of consumers around their brands, services and products. In this video, Jillian Davis, director of marketing technology at Pabst Brewing Company; Todd Ballard, CMO at GoPro; and Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard and president of its healthcare business, talk about the relationship with consumers demanding always-on and highly personalized experiences.

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