Why Can't I Access Facebook?

That’s the question an unknown number of Facebook users have been asking Facebook over the past week. Numerous users have been unable to access their account for the past 6 days and there doesn’t appear to be any end in site. I’ve personally had about 10 to 20 people contact me about the issue, however I get about 50 inquiries a day about personal Facebook issues, which is why this didn’t really stand out at first. However for accounts to be inaccessible for a week is a extremely uncommon.

As one person told us, “I am now on day 6 also..I am so sick of this. Are our accounts ever going to be restored??? Has anyone been able to get back on yet??? And further more I emailed FB about 20 times and never got any responses back…..” Another commenter said, “day 6 finished work early just so fed up! Oh farmville i miss you. As a pilot i really should be thinking about my flight but fb is all i think about HELP!!!”

So when is Facebook coming back for these users? We have no idea. Earlier this week, Facebook told CNET, “We are currently experiencing a technical issue with one of our databases that is resulting in an extended period of maintenance for some users. We are working on a fix now and hope to have this resolved in the next 24 hours.” Since then there has been no update but many users still can’t access the site. The message these users receive are the standard: “Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Given that so many people are complaining makes me assume that at least a few thousand people have been effected, however it’s difficult to speculate since there has been few details provided by the company. Have you been able to access the site? Do you have any friends who’s accounts are unaccessible?

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