Why Do Only Three of Fortune 10 Co.’s Have Social Media on Their Homepage?

It’s a question asked by B.L. Ochman, blogger and Managing Director of Emerging Media at Burson-Marsteller’s Proof Integrated Communications.

Ochman took a look at the homepages of the Fortune 10 and found that only Walmart, Ford and Conoco-Phillips have links to corporate outposts on social media sites.

While Ochman expressed discontent that these companies may be leaving social off their homepage for all the traditional reasons: legal advising against it; worries about “losing control” of the brand, companies should also stick to the basics.

A review of corporate newsrooms by Jakob Nielsen, “the guru of Web page usability” according to the NY Times, the number one reason a journalist visits a corporate Web site is to locate a PR contact (name and telephone number).

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