Why Do Men And Women Follow Brands On Social Media? [STUDY]

Why do you follow brands on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook? The answer might well depend on your gender.

Statistically, the glittering lure of offers and discounts is and always has been the number one reason why both men and women sign up for updates from brands on social channels, although it’s slightly more important to the latter than the former. Indeed, this divide between the genders becomes more apparent in other reasons why we connect with businesses online.

In a new study by Disruptive Communications, 44.5 percent of women and 36.5 percent of men say that offers and discounts are their main reason for follow brands on Twitter or clicking “Like” on their Facebook Page. Funny/entertaining posts and content ranked second overall, favoured by 25.6 percent of women and 22.6 percent of men.

However, there’s a role reversal as we move down the results, with men more interested in practical information and brand or product news than women. Neither gender is particularly concerned about using the social medium for feedback.

(Source: eMarketer. Follow image via Shutterstock.)