Why Has Skype Become So Anti-Everything (Except Verizon): The iPad Non-Update Update

What in the world is going on over at Skype? Their Verizon service is a bit of an odd duck by working over 3G but not WiFi. They unceremoniously dumped a functional Windows Mobile app. Their iPhone app works over WiFi but not 3G while their competitors works on both 3G and WiFi even with AT&T Wireless. They didn’t have an iPad solution ready for the iPad’s launch this past weekend. And, now 9to5Mac tells us:

Skype updates for iPad: no Push Notification, no 3G, not even formatted for iPad

I’ve been so pleased with Skype over the years that I really haven’t take a look at other apps and services like truphone and fring. Perhaps it is time I did.

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