Why I switched from Blogger to WordPress and how I did it

10,000 Words has officially been moved from Blogger, the blogging service this blog has used since July 2007, to WordPress. The switch was made both out of necessity (Blogger will not support FTP publishing after May 1, 2010) and the desire to provide a richer resource for you that the old blogging platform simply could not support.

The major reason for the switch is that coming soon, 10,000 Words will no longer be a solo project and will solicit and provide content from a multitude of voices (official announcement and details to come). There will be more posts and an increased diversity in the topics covered on this blog. Even with the upcoming improvements, 10,000 Words will continue to focus on practical, usable resources for journalists and technologists.

When I first started the blog I never imagined it would have the reach it does today so I wasn’t very picky about a blogging platform. The site has had two major redesigns since it was first established, but this is the first major back-end overhaul.

So how did I make the switch?

First, I started off with this incredibly helpful post that outlined how to convert an XHTML/CSS site to WordPress. The process required stripping the existing 10,000 Words template of all the Blogger tags and breaking the site down into PHP-compatible chunks. I then used WordPress’ Import from Blogger tool to transfer all the old Blogger posts into WordPress.

To maintain all the old hyperlinks (Google is major source of traffic for 10,000 Words), I used a plugin to maintain the Blogger links in WordPress. Some of the formatting in the posts changed after the moved so I used the Search and Replace plugin to make minor alterations to all the posts at once.

The entire conversion process collectively took about a week to complete. That said, there may be some minor kinks to work out so if you see anything wrong on the site please send an email to editor [at] 10000words.net.

I’m pretty psyched about the upcoming changes to this site and thank you for sharing in the experience. I especially thank those who have been with this blog since its humble beginnings and promise there are more great things on the way.