Why Is Amazon So Tight Lipped?

Amazon will be announcing their sales numbers for the first quarter later today. We expect them to say that they sold a lot of Kindles, and then to share some bizarre fact about how they have sold more Kindle books than Harry Potter print books.Are these figures even useful?

Amazon dominates the eBook market, so it is annoying that they share such vague details about their business. It would be helpful for the publishing industry to have more information about how many eBooks are being sold across the board and how many Kindle devices are out there, instead of weird factoids like who has joined the Kindle Million Club.

Businessweek has a roundup of what to expect in the earnings call. Here is more from the post: “Seattle-based Amazon may also address the issue of online sales tax collection, which has heated up as states, hoping to shore up widening budget gaps, put more pressure on the company and other Internet retailers to start collecting sales taxes from their residents.”

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