Why is an EBook in Apple's iBooks Store Double the Price of the Paper Edition?

What is the deal with ebook pricing? I understand that publishers want to make a profit and writers deserve to be paid for their work. No arguments there. But, here’s one case that is very difficult to comprehend:

I wanted to buy an ebook from Apple’s iBooks store to learn how the process worked and read something other than the excellent Winnie the Pooh book included with every iPad (who could dislike Winnie the Pooh?). I thought I found such a book. Its title is:

Was Superman a Spy?: Any Other Comic Book Legends Revealed

Its price in the iBooks store is $11.99. That seemed a little high. So, I hopped over to Amazon’s Kindle ebook store and found it available there for $9.99. $2 didn’t seem like too big of a difference is my main goal was to go through the buying process and then actually read the book on the iPad. But as they say in infomercials, “But wait, there’s more!”

The price of the hard copy paperback book is $5.60! And, it is eligible for free shipping with a total order of $25 or more. So, Apple wants me to pay more than double that price for is ebook version. Sure, $6 is not a whole lot of money in the scheme of things. But, hey, where I live, you can buy a nice lunch for that amount. The book has a average customer review rating of 4-stars based on 15 customer reviews on Amazon. So, it seems like a good first ebook to buy to test the iBooks process. But, still double the price?

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