Why is the "New" Google Docs Still Mobile Hostile? Drawing Editor Graphics Looks Worse on Android Than on iPad

When Google announced:

A new Google Docs

I was cautiously optimistic that part of its newness would include being more mobile friendly (allow editing). Unfortunately, this was not the case. Google spreadsheets are still only editable on a single row basis while other components are read only.

My next thought was to write about this with a Google-is-anti-Apple angle. After all, what reason is there it not allow the iPad to work fully with Google Docs? But, first, I thought, I should check to see what this looks like on an Android phone. So, I brought up Google Docs on a Nexus One and took a look at a test diagram I created on a desktop using the new Google Docs drawing editor. Guess what? The experience on an Android OS 2.1 phone is actually worse than on an iPad. The diagram was a read-only displa on the iPad. But, it displayed as expected. The diagram was downloaded on the Nexus One. And, viewing it using Gallery resulted in a barely visible diagram on a black background (probably an alpha layer transparency). So, there went my anti-Apple theory. The simple truth is that Google Docs is mobile hostile.

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