Why Richard Nash Won’t Put DRM on Review Copies

Richard Nash‘s Red Lemonade imprint will release its first titles in May, and the publisher (pictured, via) has taken the unusual step of offering his digital review copies without any digital rights management (DRM) restrictions.

In an email interview, he explained why: “Eventually it will be common practice because the last folks to not notice the horse had bolted the stable long ago will have turned the lights off in their offices. Money will only be changing hands for digital files as a convenience charge.”

He concluded: “Given that most books are going to end up on a Torrent site anyway, rather than pointlessly fight it, ingratiate yourself with the influencers by not forcing them to wait. The good publishers will have long since been making money by unhackable means anyway.”

Follow this link for more about Nash’s review copy policy.

What do you think? If you want a review copy, email Nash at  richard [at] redlemona[dot]de

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