Why Seth Meyers Is ‘In Debt to Journalism’

Meyers visits Huffington Post's Washington office for a Facebook Live chat.

In town for his upcoming quartet of Late Night episodes at D.C.’s Warner Theatre, host Seth Meyers dropped by Huffington Post’s Washington office for a Facebook Live interview with politics editor Paige Lavender. Here’s some of what they discussed.

On why he’s here:

It seems like it’s been a while since someone’s brought a late night show to D.C., and this seemed like a really exciting time with the proximity to the election.

If he could only ask upcoming guest Vice President Joe Biden a single question:

How much do you wish you were about to debate Donald Trump?

On why he doesn’t consider himself a journalist:

We do feel responsible to be fair and make sure our facts are checked and make sure we’re not saying things that aren’t true. We also feel a responsibility not to talk about things unless we could also make them funny. There are things we think are important about politics that we want to talk about, but we will ditch it if we can’t find the jokes to accompany that message.

But I think the reason I don’t consider myself a journalist is…everything we’re pulling is stuff that other journalists have done. We just putting it in shape for a comedy show. If anything, I’m in debt to journalism.

On what would happen if Donald Trump came on the show (even thought he wouldn’t):

I don’t think if he did come on anything would happen that would be fun or entertaining, so this is probably for the best

On the Huffington Post Washington office vibe:

There’s a real freak flag flying vibe here at the Huffington Post in D.C.

“Are people watching this?” Meyers wonders. “Somebody wave if you’re watching this,” Meyers asks the staff behind them. He gets his waves:


On the comedic stylings of President Obama:

I think come the next White House Correspondents’ Dinner, it’s going to be this cold bucket of water when we realize he was the funniest president we’ll ever have. If either of these win, I don’t care your politics; they’re both going to stink at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. They’re gonna stick, so that’s when I think we’ll miss him the most.

Watch the full video below:

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