Why 3 Popular Viners Are Livestreaming From TomorrowWorld This Weekend

Poaching top social talent to test new app

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The boom in livestreaming apps has already created a new type of video creator that churns out real-time content on the fly at events. Now brands are figuring out how to work with these apps. 

During this weekend's TomorrowWorld electronic music festival in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga., three popular social personalities—Gary Rojas, Esa Fung and Scotty Sire—are testing out a new livestreaming app called Stre.am.

The hope is that the combined followings from the three creators' Vine and Snapchat accounts will build enough buzz leading up to the three-day festival that their fans will download Stre.am.

"These guys are going to be new to Stre.am for the first time," said Will Jamieson, CMO of Stre.am. "The reason we want them to use Stre.am is because livestreaming is only popular and exciting if the content behind it is engaging. These guys are professional content creators that have massive followings."

Tomorrow and Saturday, all three will post teaser clips on Vine and Snapchat promoting the TomorrowWorld campaign with copy that encourages people to download Stre.am.

Then, they'll spend the rest of the weekend livestreaming from TomorrowWorld, with concert clips and behind-the-scenes footage.

Between Periscope, Meerkat, Blab and other apps, livestreaming is a crowded space. Stre.am is trying to lure new talent with both livestreaming and Snapchat-like features. Besides live broadcasts, there's also a feature called Reels—a string of photos and videos that are saved for 36 hours, similar to a Snapchat Story.

Stre.am is working with Delmondo, a company that matches up brands and influencers to run campaigns. Nick Cicero, CEO of Delmondo, said it made sense for Stre.am to hire Vine stars for TomorrowWorld because of its similarity to Snapchat and mobile video apps.

On Vine, Rojas, Sire and Fung have a combined 7 million followers. They've also got a massive reach on Snapchat, Cicero said. "They're getting 300,000 to 400,000 views per Snapchat Story. We're trying to find the right people who have the best audience to move right over into Stre.am that are already there."

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