Why Tragedy and Twitter Should Never Mix

A basic fact: when it comes to heinous events that involve mass chaos, terror or even death, people should immediately throw their smartphones out of the window, thereby resisting the temptation to tweet and forever be linked to stupefaction via social media.

Meet some simpletons who thought tragedy provided a great opportunity to stand on a soapbox, drop trow and moon the nation. For politics.

For context, these many Twitter failures came in the wake of yet another school shooting.

Over the weekend in Colorado an 18-year-old Arapahoe High School student who supposedly wanted revenge on a teacher entered the building armed with a shotgun and opened fire. His vile attack left one student critically injured and scarred many others for life before he killed himself.

Authorities recovered two devices from the scene, one thought to be a Molotov cocktail which had been detonated when recovered. The other device was rendered harmless, the sheriff said. Though it was unconfirmed at the time, the sheriff suggested that the shooting stemmed from a disagreement between the shooter and a teacher.

It’s not like the media didn’t have enough to talk about, but plenty of idiots saw fit to use tragedy as political fodder. So classy. Here are some examples—and we encourage retweets and all-out hacking by Anonymous.

Whatever your political affiliations may be, we think you’ll agree that this is not cool. At all.