Why UX Matters For Mobile Revenues

The mobile and tablet app space is changing fast. Right now more than three quarters of all revenues associated with the industry come from purchases within the app itself – so the days of ‘selling’ a download and then considering the job to be done are over.

As in any new environment, players in the mobile app space have to evolve or die. And the first and most vital learning is that users of your app are no longer your customers. An install is simply stage one – beyond that point it is necessary to maximize user engagement and market to those users in order to convert them to paying customers.

A key aspect of that process is user experience. We’re all familiar with how important UX is to retention and conversion rates in the online environment. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and leading players online put huge resources into delivering outstanding, personalized experiences that make users want to stick around, and make purchasing as easy as possible. Who can blame them?

But in the mobile world we’re still at the ‘one size fits all’ stage. And in many cases even that size isn’t really good enough. In the past it’s been hard to support the continuous iteration, testing and optimization process that delivers awesome experiences (and the revenues that go with them). But those days are over. It’s now possible to deploy app changes without engineering or app store latency, and test those changes to establish which move the needle on your KPIs. The result is continuous optimization, great, personalized experience, and retention, conversion: revenue.

At Swrve we deliver an integrated platform that brings everything you need to adopt this model together. And on Tuesday April 30th we’ll be running a short webinar with more detail around exactly how you can get started on delivering great UX. When we say short, we mean it: 20 minutes plus questions. We don’t believe anyone really wants to listen to us for an hour!

Go ahead and sign up here. Can’t wait to see you.