Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Our main gripe with Washington gossip today is Capitol Hill-centric pubs writing items that have zero to do with their audience.

Who exactly are they writing for?

Case in point: On Tuesday The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz (a.k.a. Howlma) announces the news to Capitol Hill readers that Eddie Murphy is hosting the Oscars. Also on Tuesday she interviews SNL alum Molly Shannon in an interview that meanders from one fruitless topic to another with a brief mention about once playing Monica Lewinksy. Does anyone think political junkies are flocking to The Hill for their entertainment news?

Another example: Today Roll Call‘s HOH lists TV shows and movies people might watch if they don’t want to tune in to tonight’s GOP Presidential debate. The headline: “Don’t Hesitate to Skip the Debate.” Wouldn’t Roll Call‘s readers absolutely be tuning in to the debate? Suggestions include “Goodfellas,” “Animal Cops: Houston,” “Dance Moms” and “Big Brother.”

Is someone wearing Eau de Vanilla perfume?