Wibbitz Turns Text Articles Into Videos So You Never Have To Read Again

Wibbitz is a new service that can convert any webpage into an interactive video. They’re calling themselves, "The Play-Button for the Web."

Wibbitz is a new service that can convert any webpage into an interactive video.  They’re calling themselves, “The Play-Button for the Web.”  With Wibbitz you’ll never have to read again—you can surf over to any webpage, click the play button and be served up with a 60-second video summarizing everything you need to know about what’s on that page.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Wibbitz CEO and Co-Founder Zohar Dayan says, “Basically, we analyze the text, we create a summary out of it, we only extract the most important parts of it, we analyze it and bring the most relevant images and video clips from around the web and convert all the text to voice.  So basically what we come up with is a cool, interactive video that you can just lean back, hit play and watch.”

Click on the image below to check out an example of a Wibbitz video summary and then read on to learn more.

Dayan explains that Wibbitz is currently targeting publishers, letting them add the service to their sites and convert all of their content to video by embedding a single line of Java Script.  He explains that the service isn’t only great because people like to watch videos so it’s good for keeping a site’s visitors happy, but also because video is more monetizable than text.

Check out the Beet.TV interview with Wibbitz CEO Zohar Dayan below and let us know what you think about this service.  Do you see a future where no one will have to read anything on the Internet, or are you going to hold on to your reading glasses for now?

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