Wibiya Toolbar Adds Social Features To Your Website

Website owners already know that their sidebar, the right-side of the screen if you’re looking at it, can easily become a dumping ground for all of the links that don’t fit within the body. The Wibiya toolbar, a solution that adds heavy-weight social media functionality with a snippet of simple embed code, helps you maximize the bottom of your Website pages.

Built around the “app” concept, Wibiya allows users to customize the appearance and content of the toolbar. Several new social media features have recently been added and refined.

Visitors get the full Twitter experience without having to leave your Website. You can also display your timeline in real time. @Anywhere will activate a hover card wherever you mention a Twitter account, allowing users to connect to that profile and follow users without ever leaving your website.

There are five Facebook applications that can be added to the Wibiya toolbar. A Facebook Fan Page will import your full Fan Page stream from Facebook and give you the ability to post messages directly to Facebook. A Photo Gallery, Recommendations, Activity Feed and the much maligned “Like” Button round out the experience.

A Share Menu, similar to AddThis, will get your content play across all of the major social networks. Chat, search and language translation can also be added, giving visitors one-click access to these features.

Last year I utilized the Wibiya toolbar for several months on one of my blogs and saw a slight increase in several Web metrics, including time spent on the site and a lower bounce rate. I eventually decided to remove it, worried that it was slowing down my load time. A recent enhancement brings the toolbar to a minuscule 17kb. Better yet, it promises to not load until the rest of your site is complete.

I’m ready to give Wibiya another try. Share your experiences with the toolbar below.

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