Wildfire’s Storyteller Spins Facebook Sponsored Stories

Wildfire Interactive has an application that cultivates one of the seven types of sponsored stories on Facebook.

In order to capture the superlative advertising performance that Facebook’s sponsored stories have, you’ve got to first get users to interact with your brand, since these ads need news feed stories to refrain in the first place.

This chicken-and-egg dilemma has the beginnings of a solution in Wildfire Interactive’s Storyteller, which cultivates page post sponsored stories, which are only one out of Facebook’s seven different types of sponsored stories.

Wildfire’s Storyteller encourages page administrators to ask users specific questions via new tabs they can install on their Facebook pages.

For instance: “Why do you love your Audi?” or “What’s your favorite scene in the new Transformers movie?”

Brands can also upload accompanying product descriptions, images, and videos. Responses are incorporated into sponsored stories that refrain in the users’ friends news feeds.

This looks cool, but it seems like something admins could probably figure out on their own, without having to buy an app. However, if and when Storyteller expands its cultivation techniques to include all seven types of sponsored stories, now that would be something!

In the meantime, Wildfire’s application is still the first of its kind and thus worthy of pointing out, especially because sponsored stories have a 46 percent higher clickthrough rate than other types of promotions on Facebook.

If and when Wildfire can add more types of sponsored story types to this application, the benefits for advertisers ought to increase exponentially.

Seven companies are testing Wildfire’s Storyteller.

Readers, have you ever thought enough of a product or its page on Facebook to leave the type of post that could be transformed into a sponsored story?

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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