Will Amazon Release an iOS Cloud Drive App?

For the moment, Amazon’s Cloud Drive storage service is limited to Windows and Mac PCs and Android smartphones. When I try to open Cloud Drive using Mobile Safari on my iPad, or Internet Explorer on my HD7, I am able to see parts of the site, but I am unable to open folders on my drive. I definitely cannot upload or download files on the iPad because doing so requires Flash, which doesn’t run on the iPad.

While I know there are alternate web browsers for the iPad that one can configure to access Cloud Drive, what is really needed is an Amazon Cloud Drive app for the iPad. We aren’t likely to see the equivalent of the Android Amazon MP3 app on the iPhone and iPad because Apple will not approve it, but I see no reason why Apple wouldn’t approve an app from Amazon that simply accessed files on Cloud Drive, and provided a way to upload and download files.

The question is, does Amazon have interest in making an iPad app for Cloud Drive? The appearance, or lack there of, of a Cloud Drive app for the iPad could be a litmus test for whether Amazon is truly developing their own tablet that will compete with the iPad. If Cloud Drive is destined to be integrated into an Amazon tablet as its primary online storage, Amazon while probably be less eager to develop an app that helps the iPad compete against their tablet. My gut says that we are not likelty to see an iPad Cloud Drive app from Amazon any time soon.

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