Will eBooks Learn How to Fly?

Someday, enhanced eBooks will come with blimps, airplanes, and other vehicles. Like the video embedded above, you will be able to fly the blimp using the eBook and your iPad.

Actually, that sounds like a ridiculously silly and expensive idea. But nevertheless, we, like most of the tech world, had to link to this crazy little video of an iPad-driven blimp.

Here’s more from Engadget: “Some are smitten by the iPad, some wonder just what the heck they’d do with the thing. We finally have an answer for members of the latter group: iPad blimp. The lighter-than-air portion of this equation features an Arduino controller board and some helium, while the decidedly heavier-than-air iPad runs an app to receive a video signal from the blimp and to send it controls via accelerometer.”

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