Will Facebook Debut 'Read,' 'Watch,' 'Listen' Buttons?

Facebook will announce a cluster of developments involving content sharing at this week's f8 developer conference.

Facebook has been scheduling briefings with technology blogs like us for tomorrow (Tuesday morning in the U.S.) two days before the annual f8 developer conference.

Of course, this has added mcuh fuel to the fire of pre-event speculation about what the company will announce.

We dig how Forbes is spinning things today, saying that Facebook will announce a bevvy of ways to share content.

Whether these announcements will involve specific buttons labeled “read,” “watch,” and “listen” is merely a detail at this point; is the fact no Facebook employee has confirmed TechCrunch’s 0ff-the-record source that claimed such a launch.

However, Facebook’s homepage certainly has room for more buttons or links, and so does the rest of the site, for that matter.

Such buttons would also fit in with Facebook’s ongoing advertising efforts, like our most esteemed sibling blog Inside Facebook points out.

Readers, what do you think Facebook will announce at the f8 conference this Thursday — and ahead of the event?

Graphic: AllFacebook edited an image from Shutterstock/Iznogood.

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