Will Google Encourage Unlocked Android Phones? What Happens to Nexus One Accessories?

Google announced that they will eventually store selling the Nexus One through its webstore (http://google.com/phone) and sell it (or, presumably, its successor) through partner retail stores. They note that purchases through the web store was primarily by early adopters. I hope no one is surprised by this. This seemed clear from the outset to me.

Nexus One changes in availability

There are, however, two questions left open:

1. Will Google continue to sell Nexus One accessories through their webstore? There are three Nexus One accessories available: Desktop dock, spare battery, and car dock.

2. Is this the end of Google sponsored unlocked Android phones in the U.S.? The Nexus One’s big appeal to me was that I did NOT have to deal with a carrier and mess around with my contract.

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