Will The Google Buzz API Get The Product More Users?

While Google Buzz has been Google’s best attempt at building a social platform that both users and developers can interact with, the company has faced some difficulty in gaining ongoing traction. The most significant hurdle was a massive privacy backlash following an issue which enabled new users to view those contacts who you speak with most frequently.

Just like the majority of social web APIs, the Google Buzz API is a RESTful API, meaning it’s pretty clean and easy to work with (although that’s clearly not the exact meaning of “RESTful”). The most important announcement coming from Google today, related to Buzz, is the multiple partners that are now building on top of the API, including companies like Boxee, Plancast, Seesmic, Tweetdeck, and many others (all found here).

So will all the new partnerships help Google Buzz gain more traction? After some initial slips, it appeared as though Google Buzz was pretty much out for the count. However with a number of buzz-worthy (pardon the pun) brands partnering with the company, perhaps it will now be “cool” to use the service. Personally, I’m already overwhelmed between just Facebook and Twitter, but perhaps other people will see things differently.

If you want to learn more about building applications that integrate with the Google Buzz API, you can check out today’s post from Google.

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