Will the Real Chamber of Commerce Please Stand Up?

There’s video today of the faux Chamber of Commerce presser at the National Press Club yesterday, which fooled several news outlets, including CNBC and FBN.

The Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum impersonated a spokesperson, until interrupted and stopped by the Chamber’s actual spokesman and communications director Eric Wohlschlegel.

The Yes Men, a left-leaning activist group that frequently impersonates officials from organizations they oppose, told Politico to expect more stunts. (h/t Calderone)

WaPo‘s Dana Milbank weighs in: “Live, but not real. Four days earlier, it was the Balloon Boy, who, it later turned out, was not trapped on a runaway dirigible over Colorado. A month earlier, on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, cable news outlets broadcast alarms about a possible terrorist strike on the Potomac River near the Pentagon; it turned out to be a Coast Guard drill. On Monday, it was the Chamber of Commerce’s turn to enter the instant-news chamber of horrors.”