Will Work For Wheels? Auto Giants Amp Up Trucks as Media Hubs

Got Wi-Fi?

If you’re sitting in the high-end Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn, you sure do. The Dodge truck has a media hub where a laptop or iPad may be perched, charged and most of all, used.

As per a blog post on NPR, the next workplace is actually behind the wheel. This particular truck boasts a touch screen so passengers and the driver alike may access media while they’re parked or even on the road. In case you’re wondering, yes it may be turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot and there’s a USB port and SD card slot as well.

Perhaps this isn’t so innovative after all? Looking at how advanced technology is, is it really that shocking to realize you can print something inside one of these vehicles?

Maybe it’s just the next wave of virtual offices, especially during long commutes. (Kidding! We don’t actually endorse typing, texting or doing anything that would distract your eyes from the road but perhaps if your car is parked and you need to take an important conference call or send a lengthy email outside of your mobile device, it seems efficient to work outside the cubicle.)

Jack Nerad, the executive editorial director at Kelley Blue Book, told NPR, “Being able to print something out is a big deal for a contractor. I mean, it might be the difference in getting the deal and not getting the deal.”

Mike Levine, the truck communications manager at Ford Motor Company echoed his sentiments.

“We understand that our worker customers expect more and more out of their trucks every year, because they’re mobile workers now. They have cellphones. They have laptops. They’re very connected. Actually, our F-series owners have some of the highest penetration rates of all of our vehicles of smartphone usage because they’re actually running businesses from their trucks.”

From the looks of it, it seems we’re only going to see more and more functionality on the road in the future. Nerad added, “We’re a connected people now. So vehicles that allow that, and allow that in a safe way without making us distracted by it, will be the winners in the marketplace.”

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