Portland Alt-Weekly Highlights Contributing Photographer’s Poodle

Web editor Sophia June winds her way to a colleague's sartorial pooch

Imagine that you’re bouncing around the internet on a sunny summer afternoon and, through the usual odd chain of news and associated links, you end up staring at this:

This stunning bit of magenta pet ownership is the Warhol-worthy calling card of Bridget Baker, a freelance photographer formerly living in New York and now based in Portland, Ore. She has done work for Willamette Week and this week, the alt-weekly has returned the favor with a double-scoop summertime treat about her dog Auggie headlined “Meet the Portland Poodle Who Dresses Better Than You.”

One fun article tidbit is that Auggie has appeared in a music video made by the Australian band Pond.* Check out some of Baker’s recent work here.

Fishbowl was able to confirm after publication that Auggie does not in fact appear in a Pond music video. Rather, his talents were used for a posed photo with band members shot by Baker. Still pretty cool.

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