Windows Phone 7 App Development Underway

Windows Phone 7 is months away, but armed with the tools and information that Microsoft provided since the MIX 2010 conference, developers have been at work writing programs and demonstrating them using the Windows Phone 7 emulator. As if given a script from Microsoft, many of the developers emphasize how little time it took them to develop their app. An example is Pillbox, which is an open source Windows Phone 7 app developed by Veracity Solutions.

Pillbox interfaces with Microsoft HealthVault to track medical information. In the video on Veracity Solution’s web site you see how the program could be used by caregivers. As you watch the demo I think you get a sense for how Windows Phone 7 apps will work, primarily by utilizing the panorama metaphor to move back and forth through a program. To me it feels like the menu driven approach of computer programs written in the ’80s rather than the event drive approach that we are used to seeing today. I hope my reaction is due to a simple program design rather than a limitation, otherwise Windows Phone 7 apps may be tedious to operate with all of the swiping left and right.

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