Windows Phone Mango Delivering Easier Photo & Video Sharing and Tagging

Windows Phone “Mango” is the first major upgrade to Microsoft Windows Phone 7. Devices may appear (depending on whose rumors you read and believe) as early as this week. One of the things you can expect from the Mango update is a much improved camera and photo handling subsystsems. Here’s what Microsoft tells us we can expect to see that will make taking and sharing photos a lot easier and more fun.

What’s new in Pictures + Camera for Mango (Windows Phone Blog)

One new feature I’m really looking forward to is called Touch focus and capture. Tapping a spot on the camera view display focuses on that area and records the photo at the same time. Another new welcome feature is an enhancement of the ability introduced with Windows Phone 7 last year. You could always snap a photo even when the phone was locked. However, Mango also lets you preview the just taken photos (and no others) with the phone still locked. One of the much appreciated changes in the photo taking mode is that changes to settings will stay changed. Windows Phone 7 sets camera settings to default each time you use it.

Photos can be tagged right in the Pictures Hub hub for use on Facebook or SkyDrive. Photos can also be tweeted out to Twitter right from the Pictures Hub. And, finally, Videos can be uploaded directly from the Picture Hub to Facebook or SkyDrive. The current Windows Phone 7 can only upload still photos to those services.

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