Windows Phone Mango To Start Rolling Out Soon

All summer we have been writing about the a new version of Windows Phone, code named Mango. The version will be officially known as Windows Phone 7.5, and according to a post on the Microsoft Windows Phone blog, this new version could start being pushed to existing Windows Phones some time in the next two weeks.

The blog post suggests that all existing Windows Phones will get the update, although it does point out that there are dependencies on the handset manufacturers. According to Microsoft, the updates will not only include the updates to the Windows Phone operating system but will also included updated software from the manufacturers.

A not-so-subtle message in the blog post is that current Windows Phone owners should not be installing any of the developers copies of Mango that are available on the Internet. The reason, says Microsoft, is that those developer copies don’t include the handset updates that may be needed in order for the Mango update to occur smoothly.

For me, the main features of Windows Phone 7.5 that I am looking forward to are multitasking and the Twitter integration. In all, Windows Phone 7.5 will have as many as 500 new features. To look back at our posts about Mango over the summer, check out the Mango tag.

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