Wine n Dine Food Discovery App Officially Launches on iOS

The app allows users to discover dishes to try at restaurants around the world.

Following a period in beta, food discovery application Wine n Dine officially launched on iOS devices. The app allows users to discover dishes to try at restaurants around the world.

With the Wine n Dine app, content is split into two main sections: Feed and Explore. In the Feed tab, users can browse a feed of pictures posted by users they follow. To fill this feed, the app will suggest accounts for users to follow when they first sign up for the app, and users can follow additional accounts as they use the app. Users can post likes and comments on images, and they can also flag dishes as “Wanna Try” to add them to their Wanna Try lists.

Wine n Dine

Meanwhile, the Explore tab allows users to explore the in-app map to find pictures of dishes at nearby restaurants. The Explore tab will also present users with “algorithmically generated lists” of the best restaurants in an area. Users can filter their dish results by choosing specific kinds of cuisine or specific neighborhoods, among other options.

As users browse pictures, they can tap on restaurant names to learn more about specific locations. Depending on the restaurant, the app may list its address, phone number, hours of operation, price category and more.

Finally, users can share their own pictures of dishes by taking pictures within the app, or by importing images from their camera rolls. Users can add a restaurant to each picture by searching for restaurants that already exist in the app, or by manually creating new restaurant listings. Once a user selects the right restaurant, they can name the dish, add a comment and give the dish a one- to five-star rating before sharing the picture. The app also lets users edit their pictures with filters before sharing them.

In a statement, Adam Cooper, co-founder of Wine n Dine, commented:

Wine n Dine is a community of people saying, “You need to try this now.” We all love food, and by highlighting where people go and what they eat we are able to get a sense of who our users are. Going out to eat shouldn’t be hard, and we’ve created a community that thrives on helping others enjoy great meals at awesome restaurants.

Wine n Dine is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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