Wire Services Finally Have Some Serious Competition With Babbler

Thinking outside of the (in)box? Is that even possible?

For decades, the PRNewserverse has pried open its bag of tricks and pulled out the usual suspects — satellite media tour, the dreaded embargo, email pitching and of course, the press release sent via wire services.

Whether you fancy BusinessWire, PR Newswire, PR Web, or even eReleases, the path is the same. You upload a release, pick a list, and blast off hoping and praying for air cover.

It seems those days are gone with the advent of Babbler.

Imagine a social media network designed just for the aspired symbiotic relationship between journalists and public relations — real-time pitches (and ‘sorry not interested’ responses), releases that reach everyone with a handle, and an entire network where the reporters actually opt-in for the spam most of us shower upon them daily.

Babbler, a French-based company, has seen success as a European option to the wire release, but recently, they announced they are exporting its services to the United States. Founded by sisters Hannah Oiknine and Sarah Azan, the two veteran PR pros realized contacting reporters with emails that go unread and share content in numerous platforms waste time and can be a real beating.

Since no one contacted us, pitched us, or even offered a demo, there is no hat tip. (So there!) However, we are not beyond shilling for something in PR that shows true promise. The mood in the PR agency may about to change. Here’s the demo video.

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