Wired Debuts Its iPad App

Wired, Conde Nast’s documenter of the digital world, has launched its Apple iPad edition. The app sells for $4.99 at the iTunes store.

As is typical of magazine iPad applications, the tablet version of Wired sports markedly enhanced graphics — photos in the magazine are represented as interactive 3-D models on the iPad. The app also enables sharing articles via social-media sharing, according to a promotional video.

Says Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson in an editorial introducing the app:

To deliver this rich reading environment, we’re using new digital publishing technology developed by Adobe. The yearlong effort, spearheaded by Wired creative director Scott Dadich, will allow us to simultaneously create both the print magazine and the enhanced digital version with the same set of authoring and design tools.

The Adobe partnership is significant — Apple had banned Adobe’s Flash software from the iPad and other mobile devices. This resulted in a late-stage rejiggering of the Wired app.

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