Wired Magazine iPad App Hits #1 in iTunes Paid Apps List, Sells 24K Copies on Day 1

My mini-review of the new Wired Magazine iPad app yesterday was titled:

Wired e-Magazine iPad App: Another $4.99 Deadtree Conversion Disaster? Maybe Not

As I noted in the review, I take issue with a few things about the app. However, overall, it is the best iPada magazine or newspaper app I’ve seen so far. Apparently, a significant number of other people may agree with me based on the fact that the Wired Magazine app hit #1 in Apple’s iTunes iPad Paid Apps list yesterday. And, electronista reports that:

Wired mag on iPad pushes 24,000 downloads in one day

At $4.99 per download (let’s round that to $5), that amounts to a $120K one-day gross and $84K after factoring in Apple’s 30% cut.

My prediction is that Wired’s second e-issue will see a significant drop in paid downloads. However, if they can make a few tweaks to the app (adding a way to share interesting articles might help) and keep the content (writing) high, it should continue to do well.

And, of course, moving to an in-app purchase or subscription model would help too.

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