Wired‘s Steven Levy Says Dan Lyons, Aka “Fake Steve Jobs,” Is A Liar

Newsweek writer Dan Lyons, otherwise known as “Fake Steve Jobs,” caused a smidgeon of controversy over the weekend. Lyons revealed to CNN’s Reliable Sources that Apple’s head of PR told his predecessor, Steven Levy, to let Newsweek know the company was not happy with their decision to hire Lyons, presumably because he routinely satirizes their boss.

However, Levy, who now works at Wired, says Lyons’ statement is complete and utter balderdash. Levy even wrote an email to Business Insider attempting to set the record straight. He writes:

Dan was hired after I left and I had no input whatsoever into his hiring. I did not lobby against his hiring, nor did Apple ask me to lobby against it.

After Dan made that false claim, I wrote to Dan’s boss at Newsweek, Kathy Deveny, who of course knew that I did not contact anyone at Newsweek about Dan, and she told me that she spoke to him about the remarks, and that he would not repeat his claims. I am trying to get a correction on Reliable Sources.

Lyons copped to this, saying he “misspoke” during the show and offering an apology to Levy. Oh dear. In times like this — times of trial and tribulation — one must ask oneself but one question: WWSJD?

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