With New Hire, Richmond BizSense Editor Slams Rest Of Staff

Hooray for new media: The founder and editor of Richmond BizSense has hired a new reporter.

But when announcing the hire of Michael Schwartz, who has five years of journalism experience, editor Aaron Kremer wrote on the site: “This is a huge step for us, as we’ve previously only been able to hire recent graduates with little experience. It will help immensely to round out the breadth of our reporting.”

Um, ouch?

Kremer wrote us in response to an e-mail requesting comment, and added:
“We hired one guy out of school two years ago, so he’s not really a
recent grad now. It was just he and me running the news side for almost
two years. Our others have been interns, and frankly, it’s so nice to have someone who knows the beat and cranks out solid copy.”

He added that there’s been no newsroom drama after his post went up, so Kremer’s other employee has tougher skin than the average kid two years out of school. And don’t even get us started on the interns.

photo: D Sharon Pruitt

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