Without 4th Quarter Miracle, Metblogs to Shut Down May 31st

Print isn’t the only one in trouble these days.

Over the weekend, LA-based Metblogs honchos Sean Bonner and Jason DeFillippo posted that if they didn’t get an immediate cash infusion, they’d be forced to shut down their worldwide network of news blogs.

We want nothing more than to keep the sites online and going strong so if you’ve got some spare cash around and want to own the granddaddy of local news blogs drop us a line. We can be reached at sean or jason @metblogs.com. Barring a 4th quarter miracle the site will be going offline on May 31st.

Not good. Chances of salvaging the network seem pretty grim. The duo have been seeking either a buyer or an infusion of capital for over six months.

H/T LA Observed