WMWiFiRouter 2.0 Update Released: More 3G-to-WiFi Routing Goodness for Windows Mobile Phones

I recently gave WMWiFiRouter for Windows Mobile another try after having put it away a year ago. At that time the Windows Mobile phones I was using were too underpowered to reliably serve as a 3G-to-WiFi wireless data router. This time I tried it with the much mor capable HTC Touch Pro2 and found it serves well as a 3G wireless data conduit for my WiFi-only iPad.

As luck would have it, a new version was just released for me to try with my Touch Pro2 and iPad. It is a free upgrade for registered users.

WMWifiRouter 2.00 released!

Here’s what’s new:

– All languages have been updated, and we’ve added support for Dutch, French and Spanish
– The multilingual version now loads much faster
– Massive amounts of code were added to ensure Wi-Fi stability on those devices with “sensitive” Wi-Fi drivers
– On most of the devices WMWifiRouter is able to use Bluetooth with, multiple simultaneous Bluetooth clients are now supported
– New Wi-Fi connections now pop up a notification with the details of the device that connected
– Power management has been improved, and an option has been added to allow the screen to turn off without manually using the power (or end call) button, for both PocketPC (professional, touchscreen) and SmartPhone (standard, non-touchscreen) platforms. On some devices this has side effects, so it is disabled by default. See the FAQ for how to enable this feature.
– Command line options have been added for the power users (again, see the FAQ)
– Some features that are not supported on your device will be automatically hidden

Unfortunately, it still does not provide WPA/WPA2 security (just WEP).

NOTE: An evaluation license for WMWiFiRouter was provided to me in early 2009.