WNYM Cancels Brokered Weekend Show, Reportedly Because of F-Word Usage

The Apple 970 AM WNYM has yanked weekend brokered financial show–Family Business with John Tabacco.

The New York Post reports the show was canceled because guests used the f-word. The show was dropped after two weeks following volatile appearances by Mob Wives stars Renee Graziano, daughter of reputed mobster Anthony Graziano, and Drita D’avanzo, wife of reputed Bonnano and Columbo crime family member Lee F’avanzo.

The Post reports that the women swore during the program, but it was D’avanzo who cause the most damage, dropping the “f-bomb” so frequently that the station’s delay couldn’t catch up.

Tabacco complained to the newspaper after station management told him that his “choice of guests is unacceptable.”  Thereafter he was told, according to the Post, that the show would be dropped May 15, which FishbowlNY has confirmed.

WNYM management had no other comment to FishbowlNY.

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