Wolf Blitzer Tells Lincoln Chafee He Doesn’t Have a Chance

Anyone else miss journalism around this time, every four years?

Journalism [jur-nl-iz-uh m] (n.) — the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news or of conducting any news organization as business.

Although the word “unbiased” is missing from that definition, you get the point from both Merriam and Webster. Journalism is about the news, the facts, the real story. One’s opinion—regardless how valid it may be—has no place in true reporting.

Unfortunately, today’s “news” isn’t about all that boring ethics crap and responsibility to the public. It’s more about shock value, the bully pulpit and ratings. Just ask once stalwart for journalism gone rogue “see-how-trendy-and-hip-I-can-be” Wolf Blitzer of CNN about this one.

Following the unprecedented viewership of 15.3 million people the CNN Democratic debate received (although nowhere close to a record ratings grab), CNN decided to make the rounds following the “Sanders-Clinton-And-Three-Other-Dudes-No-One-Knows” TV show. Enter into the Situation Room, Lincoln Chafee—former U.S. Senator and Governor of Rhode Island.

He’s no slouch in the political arena, but let’s be honest, if dude was on a milk carton, he would stay missing. Wolf thought so too, which is why he did this (more to come below):

Stay classy, sir.

“You’re gonna wind up looking silly if you keep going on like this.” And that was followed by “You know what? There are other things for me to do instead of a futile effort to try to get the Democratic nomination.”

Why so serious?

That interview wasn’t really something the Edward R. Murrow election board would consider “good.” But, that’s the way news is going and it’s a sad state of affairs in this country when a once esteemed journalist has to hide behind spectacles and a furrowed brow for the sake of making the bigwigs happy.

Sure, Chaffee has only raised $30,000 (yes, total) and has no business being in this thing but that’s his choice, followed by that of the American people. Not CNN (even though they have already anointed a certain pantsuit wearing individual the DNC heir-apparent).

Then again, Wolf lost his journalistic integrity a while ago. He is the same guy who did this:

So, hey Wolf, “When are you going to match Bernard Shaw and drop out yourself?”

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