Leonard Maltin’s Father’s Day Podcast

Critic's daughter Jessie is this week's Maltin on Movies guest.

Launched in November 2014, Wolfpop curates an impressive roster of podcasts. On the most recent episode of Sam JonesOff Camera, actress Jennifer Beals recalled sleeping overnight on a New York park bench ahead of her Flashdance audition. And on the latest installment of the emphatically named Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period, hosts W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery sparked to their titular argument via Man on Fire.

BaronVaughnJessieLeonardMaltinBut given that Father’s Day is just around the corner, we are compelled to borrow the format of one of the oldest movie poster blurb-quotes: “If you listen to only one Wolfpop podcast, make it this week’s Maltin on Movies.” Maltin and co-host Baron Vaughn are joined by Maltin’s daughter Jessie to talk about the cinematic selections from dad that influenced her, growing up. From the conversation:

Leonard: My wife and I love musicals. Always have. My wife’s favorite musical is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers… We were waiting for the right moment to try and spring this on our very young daughter. When Jessie was about three, laser discs came along… I was being sent review copies and I got a copy of Seven Brides…

The big deal was when you had VHS cassettes, you had to fast-forward to get to the scene you wanted. But with a laser disc, just like a DVD, you could instantly go to the scene you wanted. So, OK, let’s show her the barn-raising sequence. Click…. Jessie watches, dubious at first.

Jessie: Apparently, I was dubious at three years old.

Leonard: Her eyes wide, and when this incredible number is over, she says, ‘Again!’ So we click back and we watch it, again. And then she says, ‘Again!’ I don’t remember how many times in a row we watched that scene.

Jessie: 437.

Ha ha. At a slightly older and full-sentence age, Jessie went on to watch and appreciate the full film. Today, she says it remains her all-time favorite and jokes that the only problem with dad’s choice of formative movies was that all of her early crushes “were either 80 or dead.”

Happy Father’s Day!

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