Women Dominate Social Media Use — and Value [Infographic]

Women dominate social media in almost every way -- as users of top sites, consumers of news and generating value for visual networks.

In the search for perfect demographic coverage, marketers often try to segment audiences for maximum efficiency. But by defining too narrowly, companies could easily miss their most loyal, engaged and active users: women.

Indeed, according to an infographic created by Ruby Media Corporation, a digital marketing agency, women outpace men on five of the six top social networks. Ten percent more women use Facebook compared to men, eight percent more women used Tumblr. On Pinterest, there is a massive 25 percent gender difference in favor of women.

The margins on Instagram and Twitter are a lot closer, the gaps being five percent and one percent, respectively. The only network where men were the majority was LinkedIn, but the difference was only five percent. LinkedIn might become much less of a boys club in the future.

In terms of brand interaction, women have the upper hand. They show support 10 percent more, access 17 percent more offers, and they even comment three percent more than male counterparts.

Women are also leading news consumption online with 58 percent getting their news on Facebook and 52 percent on G+. On the other hand, 42 and 48 percent of men get their news from the same respective sources.

And women’s voracious use of social media, particularly visual sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, is driving a great deal of value growth. Women dwarf men when it comes to Pinterest use, and the site’s estimated worth is $7.7 billion. Their edge on Instagram and Tumblr may also have driven those sites to values of $5 billion and $1.1 billion.

View the infographic below:

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