Women Rate Their Facebook Dates With Lulu

While you may be used to reading a user review of a book or a pair of shoes, you probably haven’t read a review of a guy before.

Well, now you can. Lulu is a app that lets women write reviews of guys on Facebook that they have dated and share dating tips with their friends. Women can judge these guys on a number of attributes including their personality, their sense of humor and even how they kiss.

Mashable has more details:

Founder Alexandra Chong launched the app in February, but what she describes as “Yelp for boys” has roused some of the male population, who are irked that they can’t log on directly to see what women are saying about them. Guys who want to opt out of the service must send a letter requesting removal to privacy@onlulu.com with a screenshot of their profile, or download a separate app, Lulu Dude, to manage or deactivate their profiles.

What do you think about this app?