Women, You Can Now Propose To Your Loved One On Twitter… Today Only

Today is Leap Day, February 29th, and it comes once every four years. There’s a whole barrel full of traditions and superstitions related to this rare day, but one of the more romantic is that women are “allowed” to propose to men today (and today only).

Today, a Twitter campaign is taking this tradition seriously, offering its services of love to help the committed woman ask her man for his hand in marriage.

The Twitter account @Leapyrproposals is asking women who want to seal the deal to do so via Twitter. Just follow and DM the account, and they’ll send a customized proposal postcard to the Twitter account of your loved one.

They’ve been tweeting cute stories of love and proposals throughout the day, but thus far only a single woman has taken them up on their offer.

@Nialler9‘s sweetheart popped the question earlier this afternoon in a 140-character-or-less tweet from @leapyrproposals, and he said yes!

Created by Simply Zesty for Voltaire Diamonds, this campaign follows in the tradition of good old St. Patrick, who gave women permission to propose on the 29th of February.

Of course, it’s quite OK for women to propose throughout the year (even, gasp, not on a leap year), but this quirky little campaign shows that traditions and new media can be just as perfect for one another as two love birds on Leap Day.

(Proposal image via Shutterstock)

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