Wooga Launches Hidden Object Game Agent Alice on iOS, Android

The game challenges players to help Alice solve a murder-mystery on a globetrotting adventure.

Agent Alice

Pearl’s Peril developer Wooga has announced the release of its latest hidden object game, Agent Alice, on mobile devices. The game takes players to the 1960s, as they solve a series of supernatural crimes, starting with a murder at the Oberon Theatre in New York City. The game has been designed specifically for mobile devices, and will see players completing hidden object scenes as they search for clues, followed by completing puzzles to analyze the evidence.

In Agent Alice, players take on the role of Alice Wallace, a detective in The Agency, assigned to solve cases taking her around the world, meeting new and colorful characters along the way, including a hard-hitting journalist, a Korean War veteran and even a “scoundrel-turned-love-interest.”

The game’s story is split into episodes, with each episode offering different locations to explore and hidden object scenes to complete. Players spend rechargeable energy to access scenes, and are challenged to tap on the required items on each scene’s list as quickly as possible.

The faster players find these items, the more combo points they’ll earn. In turn, these points help players earn mastery stars on each stage, with stars serving as a kind of currency to help Alice solve each case. It’s worth noting, a hint system is also available to instantly point out objects players can’t find.

Stars can be used to trigger timed actions, like tracking down a suspect, or to complete mini-games, including jigsaw puzzles. For timed actions, players can spend premium currency to skip the waiting time and move on instantly.

Since stars are required for each case’s completion, gamers will need to play the same hidden object scenes multiple times to earn additional stars. To keep things fresh, the scenes change over time, offering new items to find as players master the previous star levels.

In a statement, Sebastian Nussbaum, head of Adventure Studio at Wooga, commented on the game:

We are delighted to finally be able to introduce Agent Alice to our players. Our first hidden object game, Pearl’s Peril, resonated incredibly well with our audience and we have been working hard on creating an adventure that surpasses that. Agent Alice promises exciting mysteries and an even better player experience. We’re convinced that our fans will fall in love with Alice and her friends.

Agent Alice is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game will be supported with weekly content updates going forward, including new environments and story-related content.